Part-time. Online.



Classes are held two evenings a week, plus half days on Saturdays, for seven months:

  • Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 6:30-9:30pm PT (Weekly)
  • Saturday from 9am-1pm PT (Weekly)



The first phase, Foundations, will cover programming fundamentals, including HTML, CSS and the basics of Javascript. The goal of this first phase is to master the very basics, so you’re ready to move on to more advanced web development concepts.


In the Core Curriculum phase, which takes up the bulk of the program, you’ll dive deep into both front-end and back-end frameworks. That’s what it means to be a “full-stack developer”--that you can work on either end of the equation, making you a more valuable hire. This phase of the program is also where you’ll become proficient in databases.


The last ten weeks of the program are known as the Project Phase, where you’ll build your portfolio--the next best thing to real-world experience a programmer can have. Your portfolio will consist of three projects--two team efforts and a solo endeavor--and will be what you use to demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

This comprehensive Cal Poly Extended Education Coding Bootcamp has been developed in partnership with Fullstack Academy, one of the nation’s top providers of coding education for adults. For five years, Fullstack Academy has been creating, delivering, and adapting curricula to empower coding enthusiasts to turn their passion into a profession. Now, they’re powering the coding bootcamp here at Cal Poly Extended Education.


An advanced curriculum isn’t as valuable without incredible instructors to deliver it--because learning isn’t just about absorbing information. For learning to be complete, inspiration is key. Role models are key. Hands-on collaboration is key.

And our instructors will inspire you with their passion, model the sort of curiosity and dedication that all great developers need, and work with you to solve problems and propel your thinking forward.

You’ll have lots of live lectures and labs, plus opportunities to connect during office hours, and the ability to reach out via Slack. In addition to instructors, we offer teaching fellows for technical help and one-on-one guidance, and dedicated support staff called Program Leads, who will monitor your individual growth and foster connection among your cohort of students.



Our coding bootcamp doesn’t stop at technical skills. At Cal Poly Extended Education, we believe knowing how to get the job is just as important as knowing how to do the job. That’s why our program is outcomes-oriented and weaves career support directly into the curriculum.

You’ll receive career development help both during the program--in the form of resume-building, networking strategies, interview prep, and more--and afterward, as you begin to apply and interview for software development jobs. Career counselors will keep you motivated, hold you accountable, cheer you on, and make recommendations based on their years of tech recruiting and career coaching.



The coding bootcamp at Cal Poly Extended Education will take you from beginner to professional software developer in 30 weeks—which means no prior coding experience is required.

Instead, we’re looking for passionate, dedicated programming enthusiasts with a growth mindset. We’re building a collaborative, inclusive environment, free of toxic attitudes and behaviors, so come ready to ask for help and to lift others up when you can.

To enroll, you must complete a short non-technical assessment--22 questions in 45 minutes--and a phone screen with our team.


• A $2,000 deposit is required at time of enrollment in order for an accepted student to hold their spot and get access to prework. (Must be paid at least one week prior to first class.)

• Remaining tuition is due the first week of class.

• We offer a $500 scholarship to all Cal Poly alums and current students.


The coding bootcamp at Cal Poly Extended Education runs Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday evenings, plus half days on Saturdays, for 30 weeks.

Start Date

End Date


Application Deadline

January 28, 2020
August 22, 2020
Apply by January 13


  • $2,000 deposit required upon enrollment to guarantee your spot
  • Must be paid at least one week prior to first day of class
  • Course pre-work sent after deposit submitted
  • Remaining tuition due first week of class

A $2,000 deposit is required upon your acceptance in order to guarantee your spot. After you pay your deposit, you’ll receive your course prework to get started building your foundation for bootcamp. (Note: the deposit must be paid at least one week prior to the first day of class.) Any remaining tuition (what’s left after your deposit) can be paid the first week of class.