The Cal Poly Extended Education Coding Bootcamp is powered by Fullstack Academy, one of the longest-running and most successful coding bootcamps in the nation. The curriculum developers there have spent years in the web development industry--first as devs themselves, then as engineering managers for companies like Yahoo and Gilt, and eventually as owners of their own successful software companies. For the past five years, they’ve been using what they learned to educate the next wave of web developers--and now they’re bringing that expertise to the Cal Poly Extended Education Coding Bootcamp.


Fullstack Academy’s curriculum isn’t just cutting-edge--it’s bleeding-edge. You’ll graduate with the technical skills and career savvy developers need to get hired in today’s competitive and ever-evolving market. Over the course of 30 weeks, in two evenings a week plus half-day Saturdays, you’ll start with the basics, progress to our core full-stack JavaScript curriculum, and finish up with portfolio-building and other essential career development work. Explore each phase of the program below.

WEEKS 1-8 Foundations

The first phase, Foundations, will cover programming fundamentals.

You’ll start by covering web basics like HTML and CSS and then jump into Javascript topics like objects and arrays, variables, and loops--and eventually graduate to callback functions, array methods, closures, and more advanced concepts.

WEEKS 9-20 Core Curriculum

Here’s where you’ll do the bulk of your learning at the Cal Poly Extended Education Coding Bootcamp.

You’ll be exploring the differences between front-end and back-end web development-- and how to synthesize the two with full-stack web development practices. Front end will include ReactJS, Redux and more, while back end covers Node.js, databases, Sequelize, etc. You’ll even build your first full-stack application.

WEEKS 21-30 Projects

By this time, you’ll already have a lot of the web development skills you’ll need to get hired. Now it’ll be time to prepare yourself professionally.

In this phase you’ll start building out your portfolio with projects you’ll build, on your own and in teams, that will bring together all you’ve learned so far. You’ll also spend time drilling algorithms and whiteboarding code to prepare for technical interviews, and you’ll get plenty of behavioral interview practice and resume help from our career team.


Upon completion of the program, you’ll have all the web development know-how you need to get work, plus the continued support of our career staff. They’ll help you with cover letters, advise you on communications with recruiters, and even meet with you one-on-one to help you prepare for scheduled interviews. Most valuable of all, they’ll help hold you accountable and keep you motivated during what might be the hardest part of this whole process: the actual job search.

Graduates of similar coding bootcamps have gone on to work at major tech companies like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn--and at hot startups, social good enterprises, financial institutions, and everywhere in between. We’ll give you the technical skills and career guidance. You decide where they’ll take you.